Global Expansion
Goldilocks traces its roots to the collaboration and complementary talents of the women, whose collective love for good food fueled what has been transformed into the global enterprise today.

Goldilocks has decided to reposition itself as a global brand - as a well-loved, homegrown enterprise primed to serve the rest of the world.

Most Filipinos consider Goldilocks not only a brand, but also a Filipino Institution. In fact its popular tagline, "How thoughtful, how Goldilocks" has evolved over the years into "How thoughtful, how Pinoy (colloquial for 'Filipino')", and later to "Ang sarap magmahal ng Pinoy!", embracing a culture and tradition that goes beyond the name. Now, on its 47th year, Goldilocks further highlights its position as the leading bakeshop brand in the Philippines with its new tagline, "You're the 1, Goldilocks!". Yet Goldilocks has also decided to reposition itself as a global brand- as a well-loved, homegrown enterprise primed to serve the rest of the world. Following the principle of "thinking global, strategizing regional, and acting local", it maintains the exact homegrown goodness of its products in overseas markets, but endeavors to acquaint multicultural tastes with its menu items as well. As a result, its hold in the international market continues to strengthen. From one branch in Los Angeles, California in 1976, Goldilocks has expanded to other key cities in the United States such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and San Diego, for a total of 22 U.S stores.

Its first outlet in East Coast will soon open, with others sure to follow. Likewise, the two Goldilocks outlets in Canada will undoubtedly encourage more branches to open due to its remarkable success.

Most recently, Goldilocks has opened 6 stores in Thailand. Goldilocks has also tapped markets in several other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, and Hong Kong. Moreover, it has received a considerable number of requests to open in the Middle East, mostly from Overseas Filipino Workers and expatriates.