Filipino Words Make it to the Oxford Dictionary!
Jun. 26, 2015

Are you used to speaking Taglish to your family, friends, possibly Batchmates, not only here in the US... but also in the Philippines (like when you have a Despedida)?! Using Tagligh is such a comforting way to express our emotions, especially when we have a hard time expressing it! Well, fear no more, as the Oxford Dictionary declares Philippine English to be a part of the Oxford English Dictionary! 

We know you love introducing Filipino culture to everyone, for example, bringing a friend to Goldilocks and ordering Halo-halo, to sharing your stories back in the days with your Barkada! How do we even tell them what tonight is supposed to be KKB (kaniya-kaniyang bayad)? As the Filipino culture becomes more and more prominent to the Americans, we can now look forward to Filipino-coined terms that everyone may be able to use! Just go to Oxford Dictionary!

So why is the Oxford Dictionary honoring our awesome Philippine-English terms? According to OED, this is part of recording words from all varieties of English around the world! The Philippine terms were among the 500 new words declared in this year's OED. “English has gone beyond the countries where it is spoken as the sole native language, and has spread to many different parts of the globe, where it is used for intra- and international communication along with a number of other local languages.”

Here are the some of the terms Filipinos use that have made it to the Oxford English Dictionary this year:
  • Balikbayan 
  • Barangay
  • Barkada
  • Carnap
  • Despedida
  • Gimmick 
  • High blood
  • Presidentiable
  • Sari-sari store 

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