Goldilocks USA Chef of the Week: Chef Alex Dino
Jun. 18, 2015

Goldilocks USA Chef of the Week 6/18: 

Meet Chef Alex Dino - An award-winning Filipino Chef, the Author of the coookbook called “MODERN TOFU: Delightfully, Decadent and Healthy”, and an Athlete at heart! He is also best known for winning the Sear’s Chef Challenge in 2010. Now, Dino is the executive chef and owner of Sachet D’epices which caters in the tri-state New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area. 

Chef Dino came from the Philippines and moved to New York City where he earned his degree in Culinary Arts at the Art Institute. Just like among many other chefs, Dino loved to be an innovator when it comes to making dishes. In one interview for example, Chef Dino says “I like to present food in a very different way…One guy hired me for a private event. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend. So I developed a candle made from bacon fat, so it’s totally edible. The melted candle was actually the vinaigrette for their salads. We put the ring inside the candle and while they were having dinner, the ring came out and he proposed.”

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