Goldilocks USA: The Philippines’ best loved bakeshop is here to stay! (Goldilocks Cerritos Branch)
Jun. 23, 2015


Goldilocks opened a new location! After opening the West Covina location last November, Goldilocks shows L.A. more love, this time opening its doors in a popular Filipino suburb, Cerritos. 

What is love to a Filipino? Ask a number of Pinoys and a lot would say “pag-ibig”, others would define it as “pagmamahal”. Some would mention caring or “malasakit”. Love takes on several dimensions and meaning so it’s no wonder then that Filipinos demonstrate their love – their pag-big and pagmamahal – in so many distinct and special ways. 

In true Filipino fashion, these expressions of love do not have to be overly flashy and extravagant. Very often, they take the form of simple gestures that say a lot. A “pasalubong” (homecoming treat) to the family, a “padala” (sent-out gift) to a loved one far-away, a child’s “baon”(packed meal) carefully prepared by a mother. In fact, a noticeable trait among Filipinos is that we seldom attend an occasion or gathering empty-handed. 

Whether we come with a cake, a box of mamon or ensaymada, the underlying basis for this is still rooted in pagmamahal: by bringing something good that can be shared by many. 

Though seemingly small, these actions reflect a full range of attributes: thoughtfulness, care, sincerity, and warmth. For all these reasons – and many more – love from a Filipino perspective is deeply gratifying. 

If there is one Filipino company that has the foremost insight on pagmamahal, it is Goldilocks. 

For more than four decades, the Philippines’ best loved bakeshop has formed an intimate bond with the Filipino market that is unrivaled in its industry. Indeed, the company’s close proximity with the qualities of pagmamahal originated from a unique three-fold relationship that Goldilocks shares with the Filipino. 

First Goldilocks’ stores and products have become a manifestation of love among Filipinos. From the children today to their parents who grew up with Goldilocks – even to the grandparents who were there from the start – Goldilocks has always been an integral part of their loving moments. From baptisms, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and special occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s among others, Goldilocks products are the first choice to remind people that they are valued and treasured – that they are the object of someone’s pagmamahal. Even beyond celebrations, Goldilocks invokes these same sentiments. The Goldilocks Restaurant Food Menu, for example has become the convenient Filipino comfort food that underscores the love and care that goes behind every Filipino home-cooked meal. 

Second, Goldilocks is an enduring recipient of the Filipino consumer’s love. Most consider Goldilocks not only a brand, but a Filipino Icon and a family tradition. Even after 49 years of being ingrained in the hearts and stomachs of Filipinos, the company continues to reinforce this unequaled position. 

In 2016, Goldilocks will be celebrating its 50th year anniversary in the Philippines and 40 years in the U.S. 

It enjoys a committed customer base, and continues to attract more. In the Philippines, Goldilocks has over 435 stores with a goal of achieving 500 stores by end next year. 

In the US, there are plans to open more store locations in the L.A. area and soon in the East Coast. 

Finally, Goldilocks wholeheartedly gives back the love it has received from countless Filipinos. Each member of the Goldilocks family is committed to give customers the best products, the friendliest service, and the most pleasant experience possible. To this end we continue to work diligently, making sure that customer satisfaction will always be the main focus. 

Far beyond being “number one”, Goldilocks has been elevated to being “THE ONE”. And as the company and its generations of customers have always known, this relationship continues to be strengthened by a foundation built on love. 

Visit our Goldilocks SoCal Branches now

Goldilocks Cerritos

17218 Norwalk Blvd. Cerritos, CA 90703

& Goldilocks West Covina:

1512 E Amar Rd. Ste B, West Covina, CA 91790