Find Goldilocks products everywhere in the US!
Aug. 5, 2015

Goldilocks USA Bakeshop & Restaurant Locations are still mainly found in the West Coast (mostly located in California and One in Las Vegas, Nevada - for more store information visit:, we are expanding ways for our patrons to find their favorite Filipino Food, snacks, and other well-loved Goldilocks Products! 

There's one thing about satisfying your cravings, but it surely feels more PROMISING when you're 100% sure you can always get it again! 

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To residents in Virginia and Maryland, visit: 
Jumbo Supermarket
(Rosecroft Shopping Center) 3201 Brinkley Rd, Temple Hills, MD 20748

To residents in and around Tampa, Florida, visit: 
MD Oriental Supermarket
Location: 1106 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Fl 33612

Goldilocks Products - Mocha Cake rolls, Cake slices, Taisan, Hopia, etc - at MD Oriental Market, Tampa, FL

MD Oriental Market - Tampa, FL

And to those residing around Aurora, Colorado, just visit: 
Lotus Asian Market
Location: 844 S. Buckley Road, Aurora, Colorado 80017

Goldilocks Products - Bread, Cake Slices, Cakes, etc. found in Lotus Asian Market - Aurora, Colorado