Goldilocks USA Chef of the Week: Chef Dale Talde
Aug. 6, 2015

Chef Dale Talde, son of Filipino Immigrants and growing up in his hometown, Chicago — is yet another amazing Filipino-American Chef. Previously, Goldilocks USA Chef of the Week featured Chef Sheldon Simeon, a former Top Chef Seattle Finalist. Here we have a dual Top Chef contestant, one in 2008 as well as Top Chef: All Stars in 2010. 

Chef Dale Talde (Photo Sources: ;

Dale has an extensive background in the culinary industry. Just like a lot of successful Filipino American Chefs, Dale sourced his culinary heritage from his own Filipino roots alongside his mother. From then on, he has worked hard to pursue a highly-qualifying experience and became a well-known, respected Chef. He graduated from a prestigious culinary school, the Culinary Institute of America. Dale then moved from Chicago to New York where he found more opportunities to grew even further in his career. In 2012, he partnered up with David Massoni and John Bush to open up his own Asian-American Restaurant, Talde, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. 

His Recognitions: 

“In 2013, Dale was given both a "People's Best New Chef" award from Food & Wine magazine, and a "Rising Star" award from StarChefs. Chef Dale was a part of a heart-warming fundraising benefit for the Philippines back when Typhoon Haiyan damaged part of the Philippines.”

Food & Wine, New York Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine have all awarded the restaurant praise for its wings, dumplings and more. Talde also received a 4-star review from New York Magazine and three stars from Time Out New York.”

On top of his success, Chef Dale Talde teamed up with his fellow chefs to bring a benefit dinner for the devastating occurrence of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. 

Chef Dale Talde also shared his recipes with Serious Eats and Mrs. T's Pierogies - Check it out!