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Goldilocks Gold Rush
1 bag Pan de Sal (dinner rolls)
3 Ensaymada Classic
4 Mamon Classic
1 bag of Assorted Polvoron 
1 bag of Assorted Boat Tarts
1 Banana Bread Loaf
3 Brownie Squares
1 pack Black Bean Hopia 5pcs.
1 pack Yellow Bean Hopia 5pcs.

Item No: FB16850  Price: $50.00  
Now on sale $48.00 (Online Only)


Ensaymada Twin Hugs (New)
2 pack Ensaymada Hugs

Item No: FB16413 Price: $20.00

Ensaymada Best
12 Ensaymada Classic

Item No: FB16400 Price: $22.00

Ensaymada Trio of Wonders
4 Ensaymada Classic
4 Ensaymada w/ Ube
4 Ensaymada w/ Macapuno

Item No: FB16410 Price: $25.00

Ensaymada Ubelicious
12 Ensaymada w/ Ube (Purple Yam)

Item No: FB16440 Price: $25.00

Ensaymada Ube-Mac Goldi Goodness
6 Ensaymada w/ Ube
6 Ensaymada w/ Macapuno

Item No: FB16430 Price: $25.00

Mad Over Mamon
18 Mamon Classic

Item No: FB17680 Price: $30.00

Marvelous Mamon Duo
8 Mamon Classic
8 Mamon Special


Item No: FB17690 Price: $30.00

Classic Super Favorites
12 Ensaymada Classic
12 Mamon Classic

Item No: FB22530 Price: $35.00

Boat Tarts Overload
3 bags Assorted Boat Tarts

Item No: FB10649 Price: $35.00

Polvoron Party
1 bag Polvoron Special
1 bag Polvoron Pinipig
1 bag Assorted Polvoron

Item No: FB18550 Price: $35.00

GoldiCake Bar Avalanche (New)
4 pack Cake Bars-Chocolate
4 pack Cake Bars-Marble
4 pack Cake Bars-Mocha
4 pack Cake Bars-Vanilla

Item No: FB16885 Price: $30.00

Happy Hopia Sampler (New)
2 packs Black Bean Hopia (5pcs each)
2 packs Pork Flavored Hopia (5pcs each)
2 packs Ube Hopia (5pcs each)
2 packs Yellow Bean Hopia (5pcs each)

Item No: FB17090 Price: $25.00

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